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The Phantom Run
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The Phantom Run Trail Race

Nov 19, 2016


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BIG NEWS: This race is now part of a new series: FORE TRAILS. You can continue to register at the link below.

Celebrate the end of the running season!

We contribute to the Food Bank in this race so think about packaged food you can bring.

Trail maintenance work day is TBD. Wear old clothes. Waves coffee and Timmy's doughnuts provided. Let us know you are coming. LSCR Locator map. See Trail Work page.

Join us for a relaxed and fun winter fundraising race through the lower reaches of the North Shore undulating trails near Seymour River. Technical and non-technical trails, some steep descents. After the race, feast on hot minestrone soup, and other delights!

Race Details




Saturday November 19, 2016



12.5, 19.5 and 24.5 km. Good variety in technical and non-technical trails. Hills included.



Start/Finish in North Vancouver, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) near gazebo


Parking and Map to Get There:

Carpooling is best because there is limited parking in LSCR. 1) Parking lot in LSCR is at north end of Lillooet Road, or 2) park in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park overflow lots and walk over. Make sure that the first runner back has the car keys!

Take exit #22 off Highway 1 in North Vancouver and follow Lillooet Road through to the LSCR parking lot. A map of the area is available here.


Warm Up Drop Bag:

You can bring a bag of warm up clothes so that you are comfy at the finish and can hang out. Look for the tent marked as Drop Bag. Consider rain gear, fleece, winter hat and gloves.


Start Times:

24 km 8:30 a.m. Early start ONLY available for slow runners.
19 km 9:00 a.m.
12 km 10:00 a.m.


Sign In:

Sign in 20 minutes before race start for all groups. YOU MUST SIGN IN. This is for safety reasons.



12 o'clock. Stay for the hot soup and draw prizes.



North Shore Rescue ($1183 in 2014) and food banks.



Bring something to donate like STORE-BOUGHT food that food banks provide. We provide racers with lots of post-race food like hot minestrone soup. We are focusing on providing food to food banks and a homeless shelter. Use of food banks has gone up 2.4% in one year.



Send an email to



NO DOGS allowed on course.



Sanctioned by BC Athletics.


Orientation Run:

Sat Nov 5, 2016. Start location in LSCR near gazebo at 8:30 a.m. Dress for changing weather. Free. A map of the area is available here. Orientation routes.


Sponsor Links:

Forerunners Moveo Sport and Rehab CLIF Bars.Waves Coffee. Bremner Foods. Alete Sports Nutrition Peak Centre






Registration RaceOnline will be available until midnight Thursday Nov 17, 2016. You can register by cash at package pickup Friday or on race day at LSCR well before race time.



This race sells out. We have a waiting list.



24 km early bird by Sep 30, 2015 $45 plus food bank donation. After Sep 30: $50. Late reg $60.
19 km early bird by Sep 30, 2015 $45 plus food bank donation. After Sep 30: $50. Late reg $60.
12 km early bird by Sep 30, 2015 $40 plus food bank donation. After Sep 30: $45. Late reg $60.
BC Athletics members deduct $3.
Late reg (Nov 13) and race day: $60 if room available. Waitlist available.


In Person

By cash, at package pickup or on race day well before your race start time. Race Registration Form.


Race Day

If not filled, you can register on race day at $60. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your race start.


Package Pickup

Friday Nov 18 Forerunners 980 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 4-7 p.m.
Saturday Nov 19 at the race start in LSCR from 8:00 am to race time.


Route Details



Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR), take Lillooet Road all the way north into the park, or park at Lynn Headwaters. LSCR map.


Map, profile

This is the revised route as of Oct 28, 2015. First loop map (everyone does the first loop).
TrailHunger maps will be updated shortly. The first loop (12 km) will be 12.5 km, not 13.98 as shown right now. This makes the other distances 19.5 km (not 22.14 km) and 24.5 km (not 25.89 km).


12.5 km route (first loop)

NOTE: routes have been revised due to Twin Bridge closure. Start at LSCR, short jog to Rice Lake gates (through first gate, next possible left back out again; you do not go around the lake), left back to gazebo, turn onto Suspension Bridge trail (do not cross bridge), follow Baden-Powell across Lillooet Road, down steep switchback to Riverside Drive junction (aid), left onto Fisherman's Trail, up Bridle Path switchback, continue right onto Bridle Path, Will's Way shortcut to Baden-Powell, cross Hyannis Drive. follow Baden-Powell down to Fisherman's, up stairs at Riverside, Richard Juryn west side down to berm, berm to small parking lot near filtration plant, to Twin Bridges Trail, through parking lot to finish area. Finish area is same as previous years.


19.5 km route

Same start as first loop but after returning to start/finish line, go by gazebo, head down Varley to Lynn Headwaters picnic area, cross bridge, do short Lynn Loop, go left onto Headwaters Connector, go to start/finish area.


24.5 km route

Same start as first loop but after returning to start/finish line, go by gazebo, head down Varley to Lynn Headwaters picnic area, cross bridge, go straight along Lynn Loop, keep straight along Cedars Mill trail, go to Third Debris Chute, turn right on Headwaters Trail to head back to Lynn Loop, return to Headwaters Connector, turn left and return to start/finish area.


Aid Stations

1) Baden-Powell at Riverside Drive, 2) Lynn Headwaters at hiker sign-in/bridge, 3) LSCR Start/Finish line. Expect: water, Cliff bars, gels and shotblocks, electrolyte drink, chips, jujubes, cookies and other treats. First aid will be available.






On the first day, the clinic meets at Forerunners 980 Marine Drive for a briefing, then we go to a trailhead. After that, every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., we meet at a specified trailhead. You will be given a list. The list is always available on the Home page of this website as well.


What's included:

You get: Saturday long run starting at 8:30 a.m., Wednesday speed workout at Forerunners at 6:30 p.m., a race entry, a clinic gift (like shirt), enthusiastic leaders, regular emails, detailed route descriptions and maps, and chances for draw prizes. PLUS Hallow's Eve race included 2015.


What we cover:

Typical topics: safety, nutrition, technique, cross-training, injury prevention, hydration, race routes, motivation, gear, and strategy.



There will always be 3 distances to run but all groups start at the same location. You may switch groups if you want to run a longer or shorter distance. The distances will increase gradually.



$135. To pay by charge card, register online. To pay by cheque or cash to Mountain Madness, bring it with you on the first day.


Why do a clinic?

People take the clinic for a variety of reasons: run with others at the same pace, meet new people, learn the routes, need a kick in the butt to get out the door, practice before the event, socialize, enjoy nature, enjoy the laid-back group, want to try trails, want to get off the road.




Vollies needed

Register as a volunteer using this form. Want lots to eat? How about a free Dirty Duo race entry for March and a volunteer credit?
We need marshalls, trail markers, sweeps, aid stations, time keepers, food coordinator, and start/finish line help. Please send an email to The time committment is about 4-5 hours.
Aid Stations: 1) Baden-Powell at Riverside Drive, 2) LSCR start/finish area, 3) Lynn Headwaters at hiker sign-in (North Shore Athletics tent).
Start/Finish location: LSCR (near gazebo and picnic area).
Sweeps. Divide up 3 routes.
Marshalls needed at: B-P at left turn to Lillooet Road, Lillooet Road, B-P at Riverside, Powerline turnoff into bottom of Ned's, Ned's left turn, Bottle Top right turn at T-junction, Fishermans at Twin Bridge, Homestead gate, LSCR, Varley and Pipeline Bridge, Lynn Headwaters at Lynn Loop turnoff and Third Debris Chute, Lynn Headwaters Connector T-junction.
Food Coordinator: help with getting soup and setting up in picnic area.


Final job list

Job confirmation will be emailed to individual volunteers.






12 km male 0:55 Thomas Nipen, 12 km female 1:00:14 Alison Jones,
19 km male 1:33:06 Thomas Pickett, 19 km female 1:51 Nicola Gildersleeve
24 km male 1:41 Joseph Gray, 24 km female 2:07 Shannon Back



2015 results will be linked here: 24 km, 19 km, and 12 km.


Past Results:

Results 2014 24 km, 19 km and 12 km. Results 2013, 24 km, 19 km and 12 km for 2012, Results 2011 Results 2010. Results 2009 Results 2008 Results 2007 Results Overall 2006, Results by Gender 2006, Results 2005



2015 photos, 2014 19 km by Rick Arikado, and finish line by Phil. Don Scott's photos 2013.Herman's photos 2013. Christopher Thorn's photos. Don Scott's photos 2012. Herman's photos 2012. Don's photos over the years. Herman's photos 2009.